Pass me my glasses – I need to see straight. Draw me a cup of coffee and come with me for a walk – down the street, to the water and the cold sandy beach.

Throw on my jacket – it’s kind of chilly outside. Put on a hat and wear a scarf – pull on those boots and lets get going – to watch the frozen waves, on this December morning, as we spin towards the sun.

A new day, just like the old day. Same old broken clocks on the walls and false reflecting mirrors. Outside there is scattered trash spinning in the wind and abandoned cars that have run out fuel – no way to go further..

Lock the door behind you, walk a little closer to me and let’s talk.

Put on my sunglasses – the sun is up early – the wind is still icy and the snow is still on the ground in colors black, brown with the occasional patch of white..

Pulling up my collar as we ascend the steps towards the boardwalk – deserted beach still has seagulls buzzing ‘round, gray sky with cumulonimbus cotton strewn across.

Strange silence in this strange planet we have built for ourselves – we can never go home again. To our beds, to our lives which have passed us by in a twitch, in a blink of an eye inhabited by a group of moments of regret.

So this is the lesson, this is the law – put on your glasses and use your walking stick. Hold hands and keep on focussing ahead. Only look behind you to learn from mistakes and then make the corrections. Forgive yourself and then you can forgive others. Love yourself only then can you truly open your heart.

Life is fleeting, kid, grab it, bask in it and allow yourself to feel and to be seen…

Feel the emotions and cry those tears; then stand up and do what is needed to keep on movin’ on.