Chapter 1

He walks down Madison avenue towards 34th street and stops at the Morgan Library. Walking out he feels the wind blowing in and the clouds above are darkening the city. He walks and makes a right turn on 34th and heads towards the 34th Street train station.

As he is walking he notices a very pretty woman walking towards him from the opposite way. He looks a little closer and see’s its the actress Megan Flynn. He smiles at her and says hello as if he has not seen her in ages.

“Flynn, where you off to?” He says.

“I am sorry do I know you?” She asks him with a sense of unease.

“I was one of the writers on the film ‘Stars’ and we had coffee together a couple of times. Freddy?”

“Oh my god, yes, you grew a beard?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot I had this on  – I am going to be acting in an adaptation of my book, “The Professional Clown,” and I wanted to grow a beard for a part of the film.”

“That sounds amazing.”

“Hey you want to grab a drink or a bite?”

“I was going back to my hotel, but, why not?”

He smiled and said, “I know the perfect place.”

He brought her to an Italian restaurant and ordered a bottle of red wine. It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon, a week away from Christmas so both of their schedules were clear. The restaurant was set up to look like a dimly lit cave somewhere – so there were candles on their table and they were in the back of the room within an encircled section.

“So tell me about yourself, I am sorry I don’t remember much from the shoot, its all a blur to me it was so exhausting.” She said.

“Well, I am a Jewish boy from Brooklyn-“

“Of course a Jewish writer from Brooklyn – is that a first?” They laughed.

“Yes of course, I am a trendsetter.”

“I am Jewish too, you know?”

“No way.”

“Yes way! I wasn’t born Megan Flynn.”

“What is your real name?”


“You aren’t Jewish, you are full of it.”

“Look it up – my original name is Marjorie Flaxx.”

“I would change that too!” She faux slapped him and they both laughed.

“I never would have guessed, you have green eyes and real blonde hair.”

“Some grays lately, though. The blonde isn’t real – but thank you. I am a natural brown hair girl.”

They spent the next couple of hours drinking a second bottle of wine and then got the check. He walked her back to her hotel and she invited him upstairs to her room.

“But no hanky panky.” She said.

“OK, but I dont think I should go up to your room. I am old fashioned and although I am extremely attracted to you there are some moral codes I cannot break.”

“That’s why I said no hanky panky.”

“Oh I thought you said the ‘hokey pokey,’ I didn’t want to turn myself around. But if its no ‘hanky panky’ and I don’t have to dance, well then…”

She pulled his hand towards the elevators and they ascended up to the 33rd floor very quickly. There was an elderly lady in the elevator with them so they kept their heads down and stayed silent. Once the door opened they each walked out, the door behind them closed and they laughed. Walking awkwardly towards her room she opened the door, took his hand and pulled him inside.