Lost words, fallen bridges, echoes of songs once sung long ago.

Answers seldom answer, all the questions thrust at us, by us, for us.

Just as morning’s light cannot always erase the criminality of the preceding evening’s darkness.

Blood on the newly blossomed bulbs spark excitement and investigations.

Fallen leaves, falling snow precipitates the postponement of the upcoming spring…we wait forever to arrive.


Warm breezes cannot always warm the coldest hearts surrounding us, within us, pounding just for us.

Forever can be far too short in a world where speed is a gust of scents and false aromas which wake up our senses into believing that the gust blows uniquely for ourselves.

Promised happy endings with palaces and dancing to the classical music played by an orchestra. Orchestrated by the authors who plant the seeds of impossible realities in a world where dreams rarely are born as once imagined.


The prince is left searching for the sleeping princess who is unable to thwart his attempt to kiss her and to enlighten her to his charms. The dragon inhales its fuel and spits out fiery accusations of inattention and falsehoods.


She walks alone, smiles at the stranger and then locks the door behind her. She reads her mail, takes a long shower and then settles in bed and dreams of another stranger. Who once inspired smiles, laughter and tears. But he left on that midnight bus to somewhere.


He wanders through the rain soaked streets, wiping his tear soaked face and wonders if he will ever be able to love again. Somewhere across the city she is crying and recovering; wondering if she will ever be able to love again.


One day into the future the two will meet and the sorrows from the past will be erased by their happiness in their todays and tomorrows. Holding hands and laughing, making love and singing love songs. Sometimes love does come again for the ones who have fallen into a well of despair. A simple gesture of a song sung, a lifeline thrown or a smile can truly light up the dark sky of a living soul. A simple gesture of an embrace and the whispered promises that they will never be packaged and sold.


The life of a salesman, the death of his desperation to be loved and accepted, is the begining of the life for the gentleman from New York City who once was ignored and rejected. He lives simply these days invigorated by self-love and acceptance.


Can you comprehend the answers that I am throwing your way? Can you understand what I am trying to tell you today?

Love can only be realized once you realize its you you must love first.