This short story was inspired by a photograph taken by Fabio Filippi of an always exuberant Naomi Simhon. Bio below the story.

It was one of those moments in life when everything begins to rhyme. The rain and snow had conspired to create sleet. All morning it had been dark and wet. The beauty of the freshly fallen snow was now reduced to slush and black ice.

Suddenly the sun appeared. Appearing like the calvary, like superman, and like a fresh gust of fresh air…

Rebecca walked towards the pier, bundled up in coat and scarf, boots and flowery skirt. Her black hair tied into a bow and hidden within a black woolen cap, unrevealed and protected.

As she walked she remembered her winter and she shuddered. It was a long cold lonely winter, indeed Mr Harrison. Now on the last day of February, after forever in ice and clouds… The sun had arrived, was all rested and filled with love and determination to put an end to this winter once and for all.

She walked and stepped into a deep puddle, her boots not as waterproof as advertised, had allowed icy water to rush in and drown her feet. She walked towards the pier and saw a rusted post standing tall. How many winter’s had this pole withstood? It had once been shiny and new, it now carried the scars of time.

Sure a lot of this winter had been self imposed, freedom is not as simple as it seems. But as the sun shone she felt… What?

A sense of freedom? Independence?

Self awareness and a feeling of recognition that she had withstood this past winter and the ones that had visited her each season year after year, instilled in her a strong sense of pride and gratitude. She was strong. She could do anything, be anything and most important she could be her true self… Whoever she chose to be.

No rules, no roles, no facades or masks, she was empowered because she finally found the elusive self awareness.  

She wanted to dance and then thought better of it, her feet were wet and it was cold.

She saw a couple,a man and a woman, posing to take a selfie when she asked them if they wanted her to take the picture for them.

“Yes thank you.” The woman smiled.

Instead of simply taking the picture, Rebecca said, “Instead of a boring pose, express how you are both feeling right now.”

They laughed, whispered to each other and then began to laugh, embrace and jump up and down. She captured these emotions and they were all laughing.

“Ok now it’s our turn. You pose and express how you are feeling.”

Rebecca said, “OK!”

She took off her boots, her coat and her hat. She was wearing only her white turtleneck and flowing flowery skirt. She jumped up and danced away. Smiling, laughing and finally free from her self imposed winter. She kept dancing and the couple joined her after the pictures were taken. They were all laughing, singing and dancing for several minutes. A small crowd had formed and several others danced along.  

It was one of those moments in life when everything begins to rhyme. It was a life defining moment of clarity. Her winter had passed and the sun had melted away her winter. The temperature was still around 20 degrees outside, but there is an internal warmth that can blow away any sense of clouds, cold or ice.

She was alive.

Anything was possible.

NomiSim is what they call her Naomi Simhon Is her name . A Sephardic jew from Israeli and middle eastern descent. She grew up in a small town in New Jersey. A mother to 3 wonderful children whom She considers gifts, and a lucky wife to a loving and supportive husband.

Nomi has been dancing for over 20 years and teaching movement for over half that time.

By guiding her students in a welcoming and encouraging way, they find their own capability to transform and heal from the inside out. Uncovering thier inner truths, and power, helps them to connect, and feel more alive in a calm and joyous way. Nomi regularly teaches both a self-grounded, fun, ebbnflow movement class, and a traditional vinyasa (flow) yoga class with an Ashtanga influence. Teaching is how she gives back to all her blessings. She is grateful for all she has been given, spiritually and intellectually, and enjoys the opportunity to share it with others. Follow her journey on Instagram @nomisim.