Why do I keep this stuff even though I know I’ll never watch or listen?

Do I keep them as a reminder for the “good old days”? No, I don’t think so…

Maybe I keep them to remind myself that things that once inspired wonder are now pretty much useless.

It could be a reminder that there are so many things we wish we can have, that we lose sight of how much we do have? Maybe…

The only important things in life are the living we are blessed to have in our lives.
The other “stuff” are just “stuff” that one day will be worthless and dwarfed by new “stuff” that can do much more, faster, quicker and much better.

Love doesn’t become expendable when we meet someone better looking, smarter or more fun.

At least it shouldn’t.

Only people who are lost themselves will fall to the “grass is greener” ideology perpetuated by this disposable society.

So I hold on to this yellow bag filled with VCR tapes with recorded episodes of Miami Vice, NYPD Blue and LA Law. I hold on to the CD of a Bible class given by one of my personal heroes who has passed away and left a void which no person can seem to fill.

I think it’s a reminder that all the stuff that I feel I have missed out on, are meaningless compared to all that I have experienced.

Or maybe I am simply a sentimental man who romanticizes my past as a respite to the issues that drag me down these days. Issues that one day I know, will seem meaningless and a waste of my precious energy and time.

I guess that’s what faith and hope are, right?

Faith that there is an underlying reason for everything and hope that we avoid becoming relics or useless souvenirs from a time where we once inspired wonder..