A fresh slate, a new day, an empty canvas…
Children are like the first morning light, the first buds of spring, the first snow flakes falling.
The future is always uncertain, but the child lives in the here and now.
The past slips away and tomorrow is always for another day.
Deep breath, deep thoughts, the power of love, life and nature.
God is spinning us around, our open playground with no fences, walls or distractions.
Childhood…the wonder years…purity in emotion, purity in exuberance and purity in intention…
First loves, first hand held and the first kiss…
An empty canvas with splattered colors of red, blue and yellow.
A fresh slate spotted with life, love and faith. Is there anything left to paint?

NomiSim is what they call her Naomi Simhon Is her name . A Sephardic jew from Israeli and middle eastern descent. She grew up in a small town in New Jersey. A mother to 3 wonderful children whom She considers gifts, and a lucky wife to a loving and supportive husband.

Nomi has been dancing for over 20 years and teaching movement for over half that time.

By guiding her students in a welcoming and encouraging way, they find their own capability to transform and heal from the inside out. Uncovering thier inner truths, and power, helps them to connect, and feel more alive in a calm and joyous way. Nomi regularly teaches both a self-grounded, fun, ebbnflow movement class, and a traditional vinyasa (flow) yoga class with an Ashtanga influence. Teaching is how she gives back to all her blessings. She is grateful for all she has been given, spiritually and intellectually, and enjoys the opportunity to share it with others. Follow her journey on Instagram @nomisim. Also check out her new website! https://nomisim.com/