I remember the way you made me see the different colors within a simple shade of blue.

Time was on our side back then, the world seemed to spin slower, the sun shone brighter, the moon was always full.

The rain only fell and nourished the land while we slept.

The grass and flowers were deep, dark and passionate.

The smiles, kisses and embraces were always in bloom.

The music played clearly, the peeling bells rang for the brides and the organ grinder played “April showers.”

The peanuts were roasted and sweetened and the aromas of roasted coffee filled the streets for hours.

The porches were for welcoming, the stairs were for sitting and the front doors were always left open.

We felt alive, were filled with certainty and self pride, however unearned at such a young age.

We walked tall, drove fast and took time and love for granted. We were young and unaware of the mysteries that lie ahead.

Time is unforgiving, it takes no prisoners and forges few allies…

I stand here with some visible and unseen scars, some gray hairs and proof of pasta and sweets consumed.

But I still see and feel myself at eighteen. Only a lot more aware of what time and people can do.

I am a man who has never cowered or stepped away from anything or anyone.

This is my sermon, this is my testimony to a life of being true.

I’ll pour myself another cup of coffee  and key in memories and listen to time…

The times that whisper…

Stories to me to tell

Songs for me to sing and ways for me to dance.