There are no excuses, no walls to scale, no wins no losses.
The floor is littered with broken glass, the walls are splintered with rusted nails.
The sky is black and the moon is in hiding, the wind is invisible as it blows through the deserted streets.

Only squirrels are racing each other in the trees, on the streets and into the attics.

The random sounds of car alarms, sirens and cats in heat crying out.
There are no reasons, no answers to describe or pretend to understand.
The streets are littered with abandoned trash, old newspapers and leftovers from an evening of celebrations.
Is it really just an empty echo filled dream?

Wake me up, take me home, into your arms.
Where the moon is shining and lighting up the night, where lovers walk hand in hand and the windows are open to the fresh air.
Where silence is a prayer, a hymn, or a love song…