How I feel when I realize that 1993 was 27 years ago, I graduated high school 36 years ago and all the craziness and beauty I have survived through.

Reminiscing being in 7th and 8th grade with a great group of friends… Over 40 years ago.. Why are the memories so clear?
Is it because I’ve edited out some scenes or changed the endings in my mind?

My posts are too long and I ramble on… Some scents, songs and visions cause me to time travel back… If only for a moment. Milk deliveries, Saturday night English muffin pizza, Oscars, Lou’s Deli, Whiz travel.
Changing channels on my boom box searching for a song to hear. It wasn’t as simple as it is today to listen to anything you chose. If you heard a song in full 10 times that was close to impossible unless you owned it on vinyl or recorded it on tape.
Broken windows and broken hearts, somehow they are mended. Some have left scars and some are open ended. When in the midst of a storm so we never anticipate the future, we simply fear it.
The arms on the clocks move at the same rate yet somehow time seems to truly speed up several notches in between glances at the clock on the wall.

Not to mention that, somehow, I don’t know how it happened… I am 53 years old with less days ahead than behind.
Still I feel alive, blessed and proud that I am the man I am.
The best is yet to come, I told you that, hold my hand and let us indulge in some future pleasant memories.