As an infant you are told to not cry, to eat and go to sleep.

As a child you are told to stop making so much noise.

You go to school and you are told to sit in your chair and listen, don’t talk.

You go out socializing and people look at you as if you are an alien because of how you dress, act or walk.

The world is constantly trying to enforce conformity imprisonment on each person.

Break free and be true to who you are.

Look around and be grateful and never compare yourself to others.

If you do you will never be fit enough, never be good enough and will continue to be muted. Live life, make mistakes, learn from them.

A life like this is one that’ll keep you in the red most probably.

I’m old, older than I thought I was… I’m also broken but I’m healing and my scars can be annoying and unsightly at times. It’s because I’ve wasted my energy pretending and working overtime with very little compensation.

Money is a transient object that has no loyalty and is usually in someone else’s bed when you need it the most.

Live your life.
Don’t lock yourself into a cycle of deflating redundancies…


Pray and show graciousness for all you have.

It’s hard most times to see through the shades that block the light from entering our rooms. Roll em up!

I cry when I am alone, in words and in intense internal rages.

Do you know what I mean?

Stop pretending and be true to your soul.

Talk, sing and don’t listen to the voices telling you to quiet down. Let it out, the more you suppress those emotions, those celebrations, those tears that need to be cried and cried out loud… The more your internal intensity will rage.