Life is made up of destinies. Think of the man who played the lottery each week for 30 years. He played the same six numbers each time and never won. One day on his way to work he was overwhelmed with the debts he owed and the inability to do for his family what he always wished he could. He was about to not play the lottery that day when habit found him walking in to purchase it. This time, he won 60 million dollars. 

What if he changed the numbers he played? 

What if he decided to walk out the door rather than give in to habit and to purchase the ticket?

Be persistent – stay persistent and be passionate about life. 

Find your passion – it took me 50 years to realize that my passion is putting words onto paper and watching them take on a life of their own. 

Be patient – passion will come to you in different shapes and forms, colors and sizes. 

There is a destiny for each of us – keep your eyes open and never lose faith in yourself and in a higher power.