“I am tired.” Frank was talking three vodkas into our conversation. “Ya know there was a time when I had faith in people.” He takes a gulp from his glass, shakes around the ice cubes and then puts it back.

“I had faith in people caring about others. Spouses, friends, brothers…”

He lifts up his arm towards the bartender for another vodka on ice.

“People destroyed that massive meteor of naivety.” His drink is set down replacing his empty cup. “Thank you. I truly believed in people always caring and doing right to others in business, at home and across the world. People are truly lost and confused, it seems. How else can you explain the acceptance of January 6?”

He takes a long gulp of his drink and it’s placed back on the bar with a bit of a bang.

“There is so much hatred between people who once were friends. So much xenophobia… It’s as if people want to belong to a country club where they get to pick and choose who can join.”

“Ideology, politics, economics everyone has virtual courage, have they ever stood face to face in an argument? They can spew all their false knowledge and ignorant solutions from behind a screen, but can they stand up to a counter argument without calling names and mocking any physical issues?”

“I have lost faith in people. They do not care about silent charity, only having their name on buildings and temples. They don’t truly care about anything other than the color of their tie or the way their eyes wrinkle when they smile. “

“Yes sir, I have no faith in a person to stop at a red and go on a green. No faith in a human holding the door open for the person behind them, having empathy for others without looking in the mirror to check on their hair.”

With that he paid the bartender, stood up, shook my hand and left.