• Waiting
    … see the man walking with a noticeable limp and a college diploma in his hand. Watch as he watches the time go by just waiting for the train above to take him home. He’s wondering, “will it ever come? Do I need the fare to get on? Where do I get off?”Closes his eyes […]
  • A New Day
    It’s either a beginning or an ending, endings are the first step to a beginning.She walks out of the ocean and stands straight, squeezes the water out of her long hair and turns to look back at the ocean. He stands and watches the sun, distracted by her and then turns and walks away. The […]
  • New Post
  • Stop Rushing through Life
    We run (figuratively at least) through life. From a young age we want to grow up. In school we want to get out.Walking, we yearn to drive so we can get where we want to go faster, faster. At home we yearn for answers to questions thrust at us by society. We need to get […]
  • The best
The fallen leaves, an abandoned park, a one sided seesaw, an absent sun. A cold wind blows, a snow flake falls and the sun still hides in plain slight. I walk along the darkened path with intrusive ghosts that will not relent. Welcome to my winter of discontent.