• Story taste of fire
  • Taste my Fire
    There is a wet wick fallen from a candle which cannot be illuminated…
  • Empty midnight
  • Chapter Seven I Still Don’t Understand…Oh, now I know…
    I walked inside the temple and it was gorgeous. There was a cantor and a choir behind him.The choir was singing beautifully – while it lacked the soul and fervor of a baptist choir – it was soothing. Still I was uninspired.  Was I numb to my religion? So why did a spark hit me on that Friday night in London? Was it Celeste who I was ignited by, rather than my identity?
  • Silence in the Voices
    Lonely teardrops falling within, so as not to be revealed. In a crowd I am alone in a party of misery.  An overwhelming extravagant celebration filled with hedonistic needs, acts of cannibalism being fulfilled and embraced.  I don’t belong, I don’t belong. Where do I belong?
The fallen leaves, an abandoned park, a one sided seesaw, an absent sun. A cold wind blows, a snow flake falls and the sun still hides in plain slight. I walk along the darkened path with intrusive ghosts that will not relent. Welcome to my winter of discontent.