• Wrong Choices
    Time to reflect, time to cry, time to admit that possibly His choice was not the best idea.
  • Truth in your Footprints
    Mistreated and often ignored, we fall again, stand up, brush the dirt from our clothes and keep on moving on. It’s what we do.
  • Be More Than Funny
    This is not a history of comedy lesson, this is just me trying to make a point. My point? Yes you can be funny if you are funny, but you can be something more than funny if you read up, listen or watch the comedians (male and female) who occupied the spotlight before you were born. (Or your even your grandparents had met or married)
  • Embrace Love, Life and Fear
    Perhaps a #silvercross pram from the late 60s or 70s. The child who once occupied this carriage is possibly close to 60 years old now. The kid has become a candidate for #aarp and is still living in the New York City area. Perhaps.The kid once thought it knew more than the ones who pushed, […]
  • The Judges and the Criminals Inside
    The jury was out for only 3 minutes, at the most, before they notified the bailiff they had reached a verdict. The weather had become thunderous inside. The press all ran back to their seats, the judge didn’t have time to put on clothes so he simply draped his long gown over himself and ran […]
The fallen leaves, an abandoned park, a one sided seesaw, an absent sun. A cold wind blows, a snow flake falls and the sun still hides in plain slight. I walk along the darkened path with intrusive ghosts that will not relent. Welcome to my winter of discontent.