• Broken Lines
  • Broken Lines
    Since the line had been crossed,  he had been inside too many saloons and been with too many women, he couldn’t even fathom himself confessing anymore. Who would he confess to even if he wanted to? Lord knows the leaders in the churches have been soiled more than he could soil himself in three lifetimes. Being a drunkard and a womanizer is nothing compared to lying and taking money from people to falsely absolve them of sins.
  • The Role of a Lifetime
    You play the part and you fool em all. You stand straight with a smile trying your best to perform the role of your lifetime.
  • Love in Disguise
    History and the future, a twisted fraction of time separates the two. There is no actual present, there is a false narrative of remaining locked in time which is kinda impossible.
  • Take Me Home
    Life’s truths can be found in books or on desolate streets or train tracks. Some find solace and believe the ancient stories contain all the answers, if you twist them and turn them, answers can be found beneath your bed or beneath your shoes. Answers you choose to interpret from the non interpretable.  Love is inconsistent and fragile and lust is an escape.  Orgasmic exultations can be a momentary respite from the frantic pace we find ourselves in.
The fallen leaves, an abandoned park, a one sided seesaw, an absent sun. A cold wind blows, a snow flake falls and the sun still hides in plain slight. I walk along the darkened path with intrusive ghosts that will not relent. Welcome to my winter of discontent.