Have you ever been punched directly in your face?

I am not talking about a smack, or a soft punch – I am talking about a full fledged full fist punch between the nose and below your eye.

That’s what it feels like when you are being accused of being something you have spent your whole life avoiding. The traps have been laid out and the temptation has been floating around.

It’s so easy to be lured into the trap, so hard to just turn away, look inside and be true to your own morality.

It would be much easier if you would get with the program and just join the mob. Easily walk into a friend’s home and steal the food that was on their table. Rationalizing that you are hungrier than they are.

I have been employed by people only way to survive was to cheat their own clients, their own employees.

People who called you friend would pickpocket you as you lay on the bed recuperating.

People who adapt the childish rationalization, “Everybody does it.”

There have been other situations in my life when a slip here and there and Con Edison’s bill would be paid in full. A slip here and there and we could all go on a vacation somewhere…

I have my self-respect and I have the golden rule ingrained into me.

Do not do unto others what you would not want done unto yourself.

It’s not the religion thing, it’s the adhering to the golden rule that comes naturally and the opposite would have to be forced.

So I paid the bills slowly, asked for help and took a night here and there.

It’s not easy, losing time and looking back at the vacations you could have taken, the gifts you could’ve given.

So don’t you ever accuse me of trying to fraud anyone, any company or anything ever again. Or, you know, I’ll punch you in the face. (Just saying)