Blood falling from the sky,

while the celebrations of a life gone by… too long ago.

Walk along the fine line, just parallel to the parade…

I wander into an abandoned building and find myself in a game of charades.

Blood falling from the ceiling, while the parade outside passes by…

Too late to join.

I walk the straight and narrow, avoiding the bullets and arrows…they are laced with poison and theft.

Poison and theft and a wealth of rationalizations.

You’d be surprised at the levels of dishonesty in the never-ending wells of self profiting transactions.

The righteous are swearing lies, using the name of God with tears in their eyes…and the holiness of their causes, can anyone who doubts ever fit in?

A parade of believers chanting and dancing, as pedestrians wait to cross the street.

Tomorrow this will all be gone – the rain will wash the sins away, the banks will be open and the charity will bring peace to the ones who chanted, fornicated and danced to the rhythmic chants, in honor of the currency of the righteous thieves.

Take a tour through the Temples of the Hypocrisy – the moving speeches about morality and sense of love and community.

While they steal off the orphans and the widows so they can pay the whores roaming on Eighth Avenue at three in the morning.

Somewhere a bearded man is throwing two tablets towards the earth…

“They knew the answers, it was all so simple…”