I saw an old picture of me the other day. I couldn’t believe how much my looks have changed, yet remained the same. I looked in the mirror and just had to laugh.

Saw a stray dog this morning, haven’t seen one in years. It let out a bark and scared the shit out of me. Then the owner came and started to laugh.

Stained glass windows, digging deep into the past. Just saw one of Elvis Presley and Mamma Cass, I walked away confused, I just had to laugh.

Do dreams begin as you close your eyes? Or can you see them when they are wide open? I feel the night, I sense the morning, the dreams still haunt me and have crippled my mind. Not so funny, but what other choice do I have but to laugh.

Charlie Chaplin said, “A day without laughter is a wasted.” He is a friend of mine

I’ve been beneath an avalanche of lies, promises and false exclamations of love. I’ve walked in the rain so as not to reveal my eyes crying.

I have shaken and felt as if I was dying, cold sweats and fear being exposed. I had anxiety before it was vogue.

I walk with a smile and music in my ears. I still listen to Dylan, Elton and the Beatles. I don’t like turntables and the scratching from the needle.

Reality these days, sucks and can make one feel exhausted. You try to speak but you forget the words you want to use. You find yourself searching for something until you realize you have no idea what it was you are looking for. So you stop and think… You walk back into the other room to try and be reminded… Only it’s yourself who you are searching for.