Perhaps a #silvercross pram from the late 60s or 70s. The child who once occupied this carriage is possibly close to 60 years old now.
The kid has become a candidate for #aarp and is still living in the New York City area. Perhaps.
The kid once thought it knew more than the ones who pushed, woke up in middle of the night, changed their diapers, worried and lived for that kid, knew nothing about life.
That kid walks past and remembers just how foolish it once was.
The kids parents advised and the kid laughed. Only to realize later on that they were right all along.

Please enjoy every breath you take, every second that passes and know that each moment with loved ones is invaluable. Life is so fragile and time doesn’t stop for anyone.

Grasp time, grasp love and ingest it all.
It all goes so fast. The sunny days, the rain and the snow. The times when even the sky doesn’t know what to do.
There are no answers to the most painful questions. They leave us blaming ourselves or the innocent.

Sometimes, most times, life is out of our control.

Just live, love, laugh, sing and dance whenever you have the chance.
Make love, embrace and hold hands. Stay sober because life is so real when you can walk a straight line and see clearly. Feel and don’t be afraid to be afraid. We are all afraid.

Have faith that one day the answers will be clear.

Just some advice from a kid who once thought he knew it all and now enjoys accepting there is so much more to learn.

Love you all