The dark one eyed lady looked around as if expecting guests. I sat across and she closed her eye. "The woman holds the jaws of the lion… strength." She looked at me and half smiled as is she was in on a joke. I had no idea why and how I had ended up there. I put my hand through my hair and I looked at her. "I have to go." I paid her with a twenty for a five dollar reading and told her to keep the change. I walked outside and the busy streets seemed like a marketplace in the middle east. Shouting, haggling and laughter. I felt the invisible walls closing in on me. A very talk blonde surprised me and asked me if I wanted a good time. "No thank you, I am allergic." A yellow cab was at the curb, "Are you available?" She e nodded and I got inside. " Where to?" The one eyed dark lady asked. "You tell me you know the future." "I tried to read your mind but it was very cloudy in there." The cab pulled away from the chaos and drove across the river. We rode in blessed silence and my eyes blinked once or twice. "We are here." I looked outside and I knew she was right.