Watch the flaming moon as it rides it’s way across the night. Watch the stars as they decorate this empty sky.

Let me in your room, watch me as I bloom and blush as I face you.

Vulnerable with shields all down, stories of truth and defeat spew from this hill and burn the abandoned hearts and bones.

Can you see the invisible flare in the night, ignited and ignored or unseen? Isolated on this island, searching for life and love, something to drink and eat.

Food, no hands to hold, no one to embrace, it all comes at a cost I cannot afford.

David and the Goliath, having a catch with a baseball, wearing gloves.

Juliet and Romeo, skip the dance, lost in song and poisons, they close the shades and turn off the lights.

Watch the sun as it makes a quick exit on this January day, as if it’s late for another sky.