Stars, and God knows what else above us. Moons, planets, suns and what else?

We live here, walking and running towards destinations. Some known most unknown. We dream and we wrestle while climbing this ladder towards success.

We spend so much time climbing, wrestling and changing our identity in order to make it to the next level. Never looking around, up or down.

We find ourselves trying to not look back at the destruction we escaped. So many memories and loves left in the dust.

Watch the blonde lady, summer dress, no shoes and walking on the boardwalk. She stops and holds onto the railing staring into the ocean horizon.

“Looking back is never good, it leaves a salty bitter taste and can do no one no good.”

A soft summer sun shower, a relief from the heat, an acquaintance greets the lady. Takes her hand and stands beside her.

Blades of grass, grains of sand and all those things up in the sky. We are so small in the scheme of things yet we find so much importance in the mundane.

Climbing that ladder, towards where? Heaven is full, the stars are way out of reach.
Wrestle the truth and gain so much falsehood.

Old Man standing by his tent with four entrances. His old lady laughs and the impossible happens.
We never know, we never know.