Tuesday, rainy and cold. May 2nd and it’s still struggling to get out of the 40 degrees range.

The streets are quiet today, one kid is standing at the curb as if asleep on his legs. The time on my watch says it’s 3 o’clock in the morning and I realize the seconds hand has stopped.

It’s cold and I should have worn my winter coat but whatever. It’s May 2nd!

The train comes and it’s packed. I find a small spot in between two women who accommodate my big butt.

Across from me and I am not making this up. A black lady with dreadlocks, next to a brown pay l lady in a ski cap, an Asian lady with a mask on, a Slovakian lady on the phone, a Muslim lady with a hair covering and an Indian girl with a jewel between her eyes.
If New York is not a melting pot and one beautifully diverse, I don’t know what is.

There is a middle aged couple sitting next to me and they are talking about something they disagreed on. As the lady gets up to leave on Church Avenue, the man leans in and she kisses him goodbye.

A man with a baby walks on and expects the crowd to stand aside and get up for him. When no one does he puts on a grimace and stands his kid up. Then an older lady stands up and gives her seat to him. He nods his gratitude unconvincingly. That sense of entitlement which is the latest virus infecting society.

A man comes on and is watching something on his cell phone with the volume up loud. As if we all want to hear his choice of entertainment. Oblivious to all around him.

That little kid is singing annoyingly as his father reads his cell phone ignoring him.

The train is sashaying towards 4th avenue and the rain hits it as it leaves the underground.

Tuesday, the unsung unheralded day of the week. Sort of the pinky of days. The only good thing about it is tomorrow is payday and for a brief moment I will have something to show for my commuting and hard work.

If time is a ladder towards the end of time, (that kids voice is extremely annoying and his father thinks it’s cute) then each passing moment is a rung towards our final destination.

The kid gets off and I felt like applauding, but I keep it to myself as I do most of my emotions.

Forecast is rain, there is good in rain but sometimes I just can’t see it.