Wednesday, sitting in a crowded train heading towards New York City.

Pretty girl across from me with plump lips, glasses and brown hair. Looking angry which negates any beauty that is struggling to survive.

I remember that emotions are the main catalysts in youth. The anger, the lusts, the bewilderment that life has not giving you constant green lights.

As a parent I always taught my kids to think for themselves while surrounding them with an environment which I felt was best for them.

You tell them anything is possible, to follow your heart but question everything.
I have tried to bring up my kids with a sense of what is important and how to best carry themselves and make sense of this crazy world. With the help of my better half I believe we have been successful. But the world is so fucked up… I lose my way sometimes.
Still, I stand and I walk on. I’ve fallen off more horses than I care to remember. Still, I stood up, dusted myself and kept on going.
Still sometimes…