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Time Pieces (Working Title)

I write this from the present – some stories about my past. I was warned to keep silent and to not reveal the secrets I have been privy to. Since my last “voyage” I have chosen to stop working for the “company.” A human being cannot play the role of a mini-god and be able to live at peace with himself. I don’t want that responsibility – the power is addicting and debilitating just as any drug can be. So I stepped away. So far I have been warned but in non-specific terms.

If something should suddenly happen to me – please refer to these pages. I am not running away or hiding out. I am in clear view – come visit me and I will share some stories with you. Or read the words I have posted here and judge for yourself.

Freddy Zalta
September 4, 2017
Brooklyn, New York

Time Pieces (working title) Chapter 1

Time Pieces (working title) Chapter 2

Time Pieces (working title) chapter 3

Time Pieces (Working title) Chapter 4

Time Pieces (Working title) Chapter 5

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