We held each others hand as we walked through the woods. We stopped and tasted the blueberries and the raspberries. We walked upon the fallen branches, through the bushes and into the mud and the tamed uncut grass. We sucked from the honeysuckles, plucked the apples from the trees and bit in without any fear.

You would place your head on my lap as we sat silently or singing “Thunder Road,” or Billy Joel songs. We sat at night beneath the stars – felt the summer biting us as the campfire provided a sense of comfort, as sense of home. We lay side by side and we dreamed dreams together.

Do you remember how we held hands as we ran through the thunderstorming rain. Do you remember that Fourth of July evening?  I remember it as if it were just last week. We ran and we stopped under a tree which provided some shelter from the storming lightning and thunder. You said you were scared, so I held you close to me. Then our lips collided and we found ourselves in a whirlwind as our innocence was lost among the thorny bushes and beneath the ancient tree.

We sat beneath that tree as the storm faded and a cool breeze began to clean the air. We walked towards the campfire but it was unlit, doused by the rain. We lay together on your cot, you wore my blue sweatshirt and kept your head close to my heart.

Hikes close to the river, swimming in the lake and star filled evenings extending into the early August morning when we said our goodbyes.

One more walk among the broken branches, the uncut grass and pushing our way through the bushes. Blueberries and raspberries plucked from the bushes and a cool breeze blowing in Autumn sending our summer away forever.

Just a song, just a letter disguised as a poem to say hello and that I still think about you. I hope you are still plucking the apples from the trees and swimming in the lake; I hope you still walk in the thundering rain and marvel at the lightning. I hope your fire stays lit even through the rain. I hope you are still smiling and singing songs.